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SDO_DAS_XML::saveFile — Saves the SDO_DAS_XML_Document object to a file


void SDO_DAS_XML::saveFile ( SDO_XMLDocument $xdoc , string $xml_file [, int $indent ] )

Saves the SDO_DAS_XML_Document object to a file.

Список параметров

xdoc - SDO_DAS_XML_Document object.

xml_file - xml file.

indent - Optional argument to specify that the xml should be formatted. A non-negative integer is the amount to indent each level of the xml. So, the integer 2, for example, will indent the xml so that each contained element is two spaces further to the right than its containing element. The integer 0 will cause the xml to be completely left-aligned. The integer -1 means no formatting - the xml will come out on one long line.

Возвращаемые значения



SDO_DAS_XML_FileException - Thrown if the specified file cannot be found.

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