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SDO_DAS_XML::loadFile — Returns SDO_DAS_XML_Document object for a given path to xml instance document


SDO_XMLDocument SDO_DAS_XML::loadFile ( string $xml_file )

Constructs the tree of SDO_DataObjects from the given address to xml instance document. Returns SDO_DAS_XML_Document Object. Use SDO_DAS_XML_Document::getRootDataObject method to get root data object.

Список параметров

xml_file - Path to Instance document. This can be a path to a local file or it can be a URL.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns SDO_DAS_XML_Document object on Success or throws exception as described.


SDO_TypeNotFoundException - Thrown if a type is not defined by the underlying model.

SDO_PropertyNotFoundException - Thrown if a property within a type is not defined in the underlying model.

SDO_DAS_XML_ParserException - Thrown for any problems while parsing the given XSD File.

SDO_DAS_XML_FileException - Thrown if the specified file cannot be found.

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