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(PECL radius >= 1.1.0)

radius_add_server — Adds a server


bool radius_add_server ( resource $radius_handle , string $hostname , int $port , string $secret , int $timeout , int $max_tries )

radius_add_server() may be called multiple times, and it may be used together with radius_config(). At most 10 servers may be specified. When multiple servers are given, they are tried in round-robin fashion until a valid response is received, or until each server's max_tries limit has been reached.

Список параметров

radius_handle -

hostname -

The hostname parameter specifies the server host, either as a fully qualified domain name or as a dotted-quad IP address in text form.

port -

The port specifies the UDP port to contact on the server. If port is given as 0, the library looks up the

if (!radius_add_server($res, 'radius.example.com', 1812, 'testing123', 3, 3)) {
    echo 'RadiusError:' . radius_strerror($res). "\n<br />";

Смотрите также

  • radius_config() - Causes the library to read the given configuration file

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