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(PECL mqseries >= 0.10.0)

mqseries_connx — MQSeries MQCONNX


void mqseries_connx ( string $qManagerName , array &$connOptions , resource &$hconn , resource &$compCode , resource &$reason )

The mqseries_connx() (MQCONNX) call connects an application program to a queue manager. It provides a queue manager connection handle, which is used by the application on subsequent MQ calls.

Список параметров

qManagerName -

Name of queue manager.

Name of the queue manager the application wishes to connect.

connOps -

Options that control the action of function

Смотрите также

the MQCNO structure.

hConn -

Connection handle.

This handle represents the connection to the queue manager.

compCode -

Completion code.

reason -

Reason code qualifying the compCode.

Возвращаемые значения

Эта функция не возвращает значения после выполнения.


Пример #1 mqseries_connx() example
    $mqcno = array(
        'Version' => MQSERIES_MQCNO_VERSION_2,
        'MQCD' => array('ChannelName' => 'MQNX9420.CLIENT',
        'ConnectionName' => 'localhost',
        'TransportType' => MQSERIES_MQXPT_TCP)
    mqseries_connx('MQNX9420', $mqcno, $conn, $comp_code,$reason);
    if ($comp_code !== MQSERIES_MQCC_OK) {
        printf("Connx CompCode:%d Reason:%d Text:%s<br />\n", $comp_code, $reason, mqseries_strerror($reason));

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