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(PECL mongo >=0.9.2)

MongoDB::command — Execute a database command


public array MongoDB::command ( array $command [, array $options = array() ] )

Almost everything that is not a CRUD operation can be done with a database command. Need to know the database version? There's a command for that. Need to do aggregation? There's a command for that. Need to turn up logging? You get the idea.

This method is identical to:

public function command($data) {
    return $this->selectCollection('$cmd')->findOne($data);

Список параметров

command -

The query to send.

options -

This parameter is an associative array of the form array("optionname" => <boolean>, ...). Currently supported options are:

  • "timeout"

    Integer, defaults to Mongo::$timeout. If "safe" is set, this sets how long (in milliseconds) for the client to wait for a database response. If the database does not respond within the timeout period, a MongoCursorTimeoutException will be thrown.

Описание класса mongodb, примеры использования класса mongodb.

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