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The MongoDB class

(Информация о версии неизвестна, возможно, только в SVN)


Instances of this class are used to interact with a database. To get a database:

$m = new Mongo(); // connect
$db = $m->selectDB("example");

Database names can use almost any character in the ASCII range. However, they cannot contain " ", "." or be the empty string. The name "system" is also reserved.

A few unusual, but valid, database names: "null", "[x,y]", "3", "\"", "/".

Unlike collection names, database names may contain "$".

Обзор классов

MongoDB {
/* Константы */
const int PROFILING_OFF = 0 ;
const int PROFILING_SLOW = 1 ;
const int PROFILING_ON = 2 ;
/* Fields */
public integer $MongoDB->w = 1 ;
public integer $wtimeout = 10000 ;
/* Методы */
public array MongoDB::authenticate ( string $username , string $password )
public array MongoDB::command ( array $command [, array $options = array() ] )
MongoDB::__construct ( Mongo $conn , string $name )
public MongoCollection MongoDB::createCollection ( string $name [, bool $capped = FALSE [, int $size = 0 [, int $max = 0 ]]] )
public array MongoDB::createDBRef ( string $collection , mixed $a )
public array MongoDB::drop ( void )
public array MongoDB::dropCollection ( mixed $coll )
public array MongoDB::execute ( mixed $code [, array $args = array() ] )
public bool MongoDB::forceError ( void )
public MongoCollection MongoDB::__get ( string $name )
public array MongoDB::getDBRef ( array $ref )
public MongoGridFS MongoDB::getGridFS ([ string $prefix = "fs" ] )
public int MongoDB::getProfilingLevel ( void )
public bool MongoDB::getSlaveOkay ( void )
public array MongoDB::lastError ( void )
public array MongoDB::listCollections ( void )
public array MongoDB::prevError ( void )
public array MongoDB::repair ([ bool $preserve_cloned_files = FALSE [, bool $backup_original_files = FALSE ]] )
public array MongoDB::resetError ( void )
public MongoCollection MongoDB::selectCollection ( string $name )
public int MongoDB::setProfilingLevel ( int $level )
public bool MongoDB::setSlaveOkay ([ bool $ok = true ] )
public string MongoDB::__toString ( void )

Предопределенные константы

MongoDB Log Levels

0 - Profiling is off.

1 - Profiling is on for slow operations (>100 ms).

2 - Profiling is on for all operations.


1 -

The number of servers to replicate a change to before returning success. Inherited by instances of MongoCollection derived from this. w functionality is only available in version 1.5.1+ of the MongoDB server and 1.0.8+ of the driver.

w is used whenever you perform a "safe" operation (MongoCollection::insert(), MongoCollection::update(), MongoCollection::remove(), MongoCollection::save(), and MongoCollection::ensureIndex() all support safe options). With the default value (1), a safe operation will return once the database server has the operation. If the server goes down before the operation has been replicated to a slave, it is possible to lose the operation forever. Thus, you can specify w to be higher than one and guarantee that at least one slave has the operation before it is considered successful.

For example, if w is 2, the main server and one slave must have a record of the operation or the driver will throw a MongoCursorException. It is tempting to set w to the total number of slaves + master, but then if one slave is down the op will fail and an exception will be thrown, so usually w=2 is safest (master+1 slave).

10000 -

The number of milliseconds to wait for MongoDB::$w replications to take place. Inherited by instances of MongoCollection derived from this. w functionality is only available in version 1.5.1+ of the MongoDB server and 1.0.8+ of the driver.

Unless wtimeout is set, the server waits forever for replicating to w servers to finish. The driver defaults to waiting for 10 seconds, you can change this value to alter its behavior.


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