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(PECL mongo >=0.9.0)

MongoCollection::insert — Inserts an array into the collection


public bool|array MongoCollection::insert ( array $a [, array $options = array() ] )

All strings sent to the database must be UTF-8. If a string is not UTF-8, a MongoException will be thrown. To insert (or query for) a non-UTF-8 string, use MongoBinData.

Список параметров

a -

An array.

options -

Options for the insert.

  • "safe"

    Can be a boolean or integer, defaults to FALSE. If FALSE, the program continues executing without waiting for a database response. If TRUE, the program will wait for the database response and throw a MongoCursorException if the insert did not succeed.

    If you are using replication and the master has changed, using "safe" will make the driver disconnect from the master, throw an exception, and attempt to find a new master on the next operation (your application must decide whether or not to retry the operation on the new master).

    If you do not use "safe" with a replica set and the master changes, there will be no way for the driver to know about the change so it will continuously and silently fail to write.

    If safe is an integer, will replicate the insert to that many machines before returning success (or throw an exception if the replication times out, see wtimeout). This overrides the w variable set on the collection.

  • "fsync"

    Boolean, defaults to FALSE. Forces the insert to be synced to disk before returning success. If TRUE, a safe insert is implied and will override setting safe to FALSE.

  • "timeout"

    Integer, defaults to MongoCursor::$timeout. If "safe" is set, this sets how long (in milliseconds) for the client to wait for a database response. If the database does not respond within the timeout period, a MongoCursorTimeoutException will be thrown.

Возвращаемые значения

If safe was set, returns an array containing the status of the insert. Otherwise, returns a boolean representing if the array was not empty (an empty array will not be inserted).

If an array is returned, the following keys can be present:

ok -

This should almost be 1 (unless last_error itself failed).

err -

If this field is non-null, an error occurred on the previous operation. If this field is set, it will be a string describing the error that occurred.

code -

If a database error occurred, the relevant error code will be passed back to the client.

errmsg -

This field is set if something goes wrong with a database command. It is coupled with ok being 0. For example, if w is set and times out, errmsg will be set to "timed out waiting for slaves" and ok will be 0. If this field is set, it will be a string describing the error that occurred.

n -

If the last operation was an insert, an update or a remove, the number of objects affected will be returned.

wtimeout -

If the previous option timed out waiting for replication.

waiter -

How long the operation waited before timing out.

wtime -

If w was set and the operation succeeded, how long it took to replicate to w servers.

upserted -

If an upsert occured, this field will contain the new record's _id field. For upserts, either this field or updatedExisting will be present (unless an error occurred).

updatedExisting -

If an upsert updated an existing element, this field will be true. For upserts, either this field or upserted will be present (unless an error occurred).


Throws MongoCursorException if the "safe" option is set and the insert fails. (Version 1.0.1+)

Throws MongoCursorTimeoutException if the "safe" option is set and the operation takes longer than MongoCursor::$timeout milliseconds to complete. This does not kill the operation on the server, it is a client-side timeout.

Описание класса mongocollection, примеры использования класса mongocollection.

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