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(Информация о версии неизвестна, возможно, только в SVN)

Mongo::poolDebug — Returns information about all connection pools.


public array Mongo::poolDebug ( void )

This feature has been DEPRECATED as of version 1.2.3. Relying on this feature is highly discouraged. Please use MongoPool::info() instead.

Returns an array of information about all connection pools.

Список параметров

У этой функции нет параметров.

Возвращаемые значения

Each connection pool has an identifier, which starts with the host. For each pool, this function shows the following fields:

in use -

The number of connections currently being used by Mongo instances.

in pool -

The number of connections currently in the pool (not being used).

remaining -

The number of connections that could be created by this pool. For example, suppose a pool had 5 connections remaining and 3 connections in the pool. We could create 8 new instances of Mongo before we exhausted this pool (assuming no instances of Mongo went out of scope, returning their connections to the pool).

A negative number means that this pool will spawn unlimited connections.

Before a pool is created, you can change the max number of connections by calling Mongo::setPoolSize(). Once a pool is showing up in the output of this function, its size cannot be changed.

timeout -

The socket timeout for connections in this pool. This is how long connections in this pool will attempt to connect to a server before giving up.

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