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(PECL apc >= 3.1.1)

APCIterator::__construct — Constructs an APCIterator iterator object


APCIterator::__construct ( string $cache [, mixed $search = null [, int $format [, int $chunk_size = 100 [, int $list ]]]] )

Constructs an APCIterator object.

Список параметров

cache -

The cache type, which will be user or file.

search -

A PCRE regular expression that matches against APC key names, either as a string for a single regular expression, or as an array of regular expressions. Or, optionally pass in NULL to skip the search.

format -

The desired format, as configured with one ore more of the APC_ITER_* constants.

chunk_size -

The chunk size. Must be a value greater than 0. The default value is 100.

list -

The type to list. Either pass in APC_LIST_ACTIVE or APC_LIST_DELETED.

Возвращаемые значения

An APCIterator object on success, or NULL on failure.

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