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(PECL apc >= 2.0.0)

apc_cache_info — Retrieves cached information from APC's data store


array apc_cache_info ([ string $cache_type [, bool $limited = false ]] )

Retrieves cached information and meta-data from APC's data store.

Возвращаемые значения

Array of cached data (and meta-data) или FALSE в случае возникновения ошибки

Замечание: apc_cache_info() will raise a warning if it is unable to retrieve APC cache data. This typically occurs when APC is not enabled.

Список параметров

cache_type -

If cache_type is "user", information about the user cache will be returned.

If cache_type is "filehits", information about which files have been served from the bytecode cache for the current request will be returned. This feature must be enabled at compile time using --enable-filehits .

If an invalid or no cache_type is specified, information about the system cache (cached files) will be returned.

limited -

If limited is TRUE, the return value will exclude the individual list of cache entries. This is useful when trying to optimize calls for statistics gathering.

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