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Win32 Error Codes
Constant Value Description
WIN32_ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED0x00000005 The handle to the SCM database does not have the appropriate access rights.
WIN32_ERROR_CIRCULAR_DEPENDENCY0x00000423 A circular service dependency was specified.
WIN32_ERROR_DATABASE_DOES_NOT_EXIST0x00000429 The specified database does not exist.
WIN32_ERROR_DEPENDENT_SERVICES_RUNNING0x0000041B The service cannot be stopped because other running services are dependent on it.
WIN32_ERROR_DUPLICATE_SERVICE_NAME0x00000436 The display name already exists in the service control manager database either as a service name or as another display name.
WIN32_ERROR_FAILED_SERVICE_CONTROLLER_CONNECT0x00000427 This error is returned if the program is being run as a console application rather than as a service. If the program will be run as a console application for debugging purposes, structure it such that service-specific code is not called.
WIN32_ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER0x0000007A The buffer is too small for the service status structure. Nothing was written to the structure.
WIN32_ERROR_INVALID_DATA0x0000000D The specified service status structure is invalid.
WIN32_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE0x00000006 The handle to the specified service control manager database is invalid.
WIN32_ERROR_INVALID_LEVEL0x0000007C The InfoLevel parameter contains an unsupported value.
WIN32_ERROR_INVALID_NAME0x0000007B The specified service name is invalid.
WIN32_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER0x00000057 A parameter that was specified is invalid.
WIN32_ERROR_INVALID_SERVICE_ACCOUNT0x00000421 The user account name specified in the user parameter does not exist. See win32_create_service().
WIN32_ERROR_INVALID_SERVICE_CONTROL0x0000041C The requested control code is not valid, or it is unacceptable to the service.
WIN32_ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND0x00000003 The service binary file could not be found.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_ALREADY_RUNNING0x00000420 An instance of the service is already running.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_CANNOT_ACCEPT_CTRL0x00000425 The requested control code cannot be sent to the service because the state of the service is WIN32_SERVICE_STOPPED, WIN32_SERVICE_START_PENDING, or WIN32_SERVICE_STOP_PENDING.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_DATABASE_LOCKED0x0000041F The database is locked.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_DEPENDENCY_DELETED0x00000433 The service depends on a service that does not exist or has been marked for deletion.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_DEPENDENCY_FAIL0x0000042C The service depends on another service that has failed to start.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_DISABLED0x00000422 The service has been disabled.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_DOES_NOT_EXIST0x00000424 The specified service does not exist as an installed service.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_EXISTS0x00000431 The specified service already exists in this database.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_LOGON_FAILED0x0000042D The service did not start due to a logon failure. This error occurs if the service is configured to run under an account that does not have the "Log on as a service" right.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_MARKED_FOR_DELETE0x00000430 The specified service has already been marked for deletion.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_NO_THREAD0x0000041E A thread could not be created for the service.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_ACTIVE0x00000426 The service has not been started.
WIN32_ERROR_SERVICE_REQUEST_TIMEOUT0x0000041D The process for the service was started, but it did not call StartServiceCtrlDispatcher, or the thread that called StartServiceCtrlDispatcher may be blocked in a control handler function.
WIN32_ERROR_SHUTDOWN_IN_PROGRESS0x0000045B The system is shutting down; this function cannot be called.
WIN32_NO_ERROR0x00000000 No error.

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