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(PECL win32service SVN)

win32_query_service_status — Queries the status of a service


mixed win32_query_service_status ( string $servicename [, string $machine ] )

Queries the current status for a service, returning an array of information.

Список параметров

servicename -

The short name of the service.

machine -

The optional machine name. If omitted, the local machine will be used.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns an array consisting of the following information on success, FALSE если была обнаружена проблема с параметрами или код ошибки Win32 при неудачном завершении работы.

ServiceType -

The dwServiceType. See Win32Service Service Type Bitmasks.

CurrentState -

The dwCurrentState. See Win32Service Service Status Constants.

ControlsAccepted -

Which service controls are accepted by the service. See Win32Service Service Control Message Accepted Bitmasks.

Win32ExitCode -

If the service exited, the return code from the process.

ServiceSpecificExitCode -

If the service exited with an error condition, the service specific code that is logged in the event log is visible here.

CheckPoint -

If the service is shutting down, holds the current check point number. This is used by the SCM as a kind of heart-beat to detect a wedged service process. The value of the check point is best interpreted in conjunction with the WaitHint value.

WaitHint -

If the service is shutting down it will set WaitHint to a checkpoint value that will indicate 100% completion. This can be used to implement a progress indicator.

ProcessId -

The Windows process identifier. If 0, the process is not running.

ServiceFlags -

The dwServiceFlags. See Win32Service Service Service Flag Constants.

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