The SNMP class

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Represents SNMP session.

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/* Свойства */
public int $max_oids ;
public int $valueretrieval ;
public bool $quick_print ;
public bool $enum_print ;
public int $oid_output_format ;
public bool $oid_increasing_check ;
public int $exceptions_enabled ;
public array $info ;
/* Методы */
__construct ( int $version , string $hostname , string $community [, int $timeout = 1000000 [, int $retries = 5 ]] )
bool close ( void )
mixed get ( mixed $object_id [, bool $preserve_keys = false ] )
int getErrno ( void )
string getError ( void )
mixed getnext ( mixed $object_id )
bool set ( mixed $object_id , mixed $type , mixed $value )
bool setSecurity ( string $sec_level [, string $auth_protocol = [, string $auth_passphrase = [, string $priv_protocol = [, string $priv_passphrase = [, string $contextName = [, string $contextEngineID = ]]]]]] )
array walk ( string $object_id [, bool $suffix_as_key = FALSE [, int $max_repetitions [, int $non_repeaters ]]] )
/* Константы */
const integer ERRNO_NOERROR = 0 ;
const integer ERRNO_GENERIC = 2 ;
const integer ERRNO_TIMEOUT = 4 ;
const integer ERRNO_ERROR_IN_REPLY = 8 ;
const integer ERRNO_OID_NOT_INCREASING = 16 ;
const integer ERRNO_OID_PARSING_ERROR = 32 ;
const integer ERRNO_MULTIPLE_SET_QUERIES = 64 ;
const integer ERRNO_ANY = 126 ;
const integer VERSION_1 = 0 ;
const integer VERSION_2C = 1 ;
const integer VERSION_2c = 1 ;
const integer VERSION_3 = 3 ;


max_oids -

Maximum OID per GET/SET/GETBULK request

valueretrieval -

Controls the method how the SNMP values will be returned

SNMP_VALUE_LIBRARYThe return values will be as returned by the Net-SNMP library.
SNMP_VALUE_PLAINThe return values will be the plain value without the SNMP type hint.
SNMP_VALUE_OBJECT The return values will be objects with the properties "value" and "type", where the latter is one of the SNMP_OCTET_STR, SNMP_COUNTER etc. constants. The way "value" is returned is based on which one of SNMP_VALUE_LIBRARY, SNMP_VALUE_PLAIN is set

quick_print -

Value of quick_print within the NET-SNMP library

Sets the value of quick_print within the NET-SNMP library. When this is set (1), the SNMP library will return 'quick printed' values. This means that just the value will be printed. When quick_print is not enabled (default) the UCD SNMP library prints extra information including the type of the value (i.e. IpAddress or OID). Additionally, if quick_print is not enabled, the library prints additional hex values for all strings of three characters or less.

enum_print -

Controls the way enum values are printed

Parameter toggles if walk/get etc. should automatically lookup enum values in the MIB and return them together with their human readable string.

oid_output_format -

Controls OID output format

OID . representation for various oid_output_format values

oid_increasing_check -

Controls disabling check for increasing OID while walking OID tree

Some SNMP agents are known for returning OIDs out of order but can complete the walk anyway. Other agents return OIDs that are out of order and can cause SNMP::walk() to loop indefinitely until memory limit will be reached. PHP SNMP library by default performs OID increasing check and stops walking on OID tree when it detects possible loop with issuing warning about non-increasing OID faced. Set oid_increasing_check to FALSE to disable this check.

exceptions_enabled -

Controls which failures will raise SNMPException instead of warning. Use bitwise OR'ed SNMP::ERRNO_* constants. By default all SNMP exceptions are disabled.

info -

Read-only property with remote agent configuration: hostname, port, default timeout, default retries count

Предопределенные константы

SNMP Error Types


No SNMP-specific error occured.


A generic SNMP error occured.


Request to SNMP agent timed out.


SNMP agent returned an error in reply.


SNMP agent faced OID cycling reporning non-increasing OID while executing (BULK)WALK command. This indicates bogus remote SNMP agent.


Library failed while parsing OID (and/or type for SET command). No queries has been made.


Library will use multiple queries for SET operation requested. That means that operation will be performed in a non-transaction manner and second or subsequent chunks may fail if a type or value failure will be faced.


All SNMP::ERRNO_* codes bitwise OR'ed.

SNMP Protocol Versions





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