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(PECL rpmreader >= 0.1.0)

rpm_get_tag — Retrieves a header tag from an RPM file


mixed rpm_get_tag ( resource $rpmr , int $tagnum )

rpm_get_tag() will retrieve a given tag from the RPM file's header and return it.

Список параметров

rpmr -

A file pointer resource successfully opened by rpm_open().

tagnum -

The tag number to retrieve from the RPM header. This value can be specified using the list of constants defined by this module.

Возвращаемые значения

The return value can be of various types depending on the tagnum supplied to the function.


Пример #1 rpm_get_tag() example
$file = "/path/to/file.rpm";
$rpmr = rpm_open($file);
$name = rpm_get_tag($rpmr, RPMREADER_NAME);
echo "$name<br />\n";

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