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(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)

proc_open - выполняет команду и открывает файловый указатель для ввода/вывода.


resource proc_open ( string cmd, array descriptorspec, array &pipes [, string cwd [, array env [, array other_options]]] )

proc_open() похожа на popen(), но предоставляет больший контроль над выполнением программы.

PHP 5 introduces pty support for systems with Unix98 ptys. This allows your script to interact with applications that expect to be talking to a terminal. A pty works like a pipe, but is bi-directional, so there is no need to specify a read/write mode. The example below shows how to use a pty; note that you don't have to have all descriptors talking to a pty. Also note that only one pty is created, even though pty is specified 3 times. In a future version of PHP, it might be possible to do more than just read and write to the pty.

Список параметров

cmd это команда, выполняемая оболочкой.

descriptorspec это индексированный массив, в котором ключи представляют номера дескрипторов, а значения представляют то, как PHP передаёт эти дескрипторы в дочерний процесс. 0 is stdin, 1 is stdout, while 2 is stderr.

pipes будет установлен в индексированный массив файловых указателей, соответствующий концу любых созданных каналов. return-значение является ресурсом представляющим процесс; вы должны освободить его с помощью proc_close() по окончании работы с ним.

cwd The initial working dir for the command. This must be an absolute directory path, or NULL if you want to use the default value (the working dir of the current PHP process)

env An array with the environment variables for the command that will be run, or NULL to use the same environment as the current PHP process

other_options Allows you to specify additional options. Currently only suppress_errors is supported, which suppresses errors generated by this function when it's set to TRUE

Возвращаемые значения

Returns a resource representing the process, which should be freed using proc_close() when you are finished with it. On failure returns FALSE.

Список изменений

Версия 5.0.0 - Added the cwd, env and other_options parameters. Added support for Unix98 ptys.


Пример 1. A proc_open() example

$descriptorspec = array(
   0 => array("pipe", "r"),  // stdin is a pipe that the child will read from
   1 => array("pipe", "w"),  // stdout is a pipe that the child will write to
   2 => array("file", "/tmp/error-output.txt", "a") // stderr is a file to write to

$cwd = '/tmp';
$env = array('some_option' => 'aeiou');

$process = proc_open('php', $descriptorspec, $pipes, $cwd, $env);

if (is_resource($process)) {
    // $pipes now looks like this:
    // 0 => writeable handle connected to child stdin
    // 1 => readable handle connected to child stdout
    // Any error output will be appended to /tmp/error-output.txt

    fwrite($pipes[0], '<php print_r($_ENV); ?>');

    echo stream_get_contents($pipes[1]);

    // It is important that you close any pipes before calling
    // proc_close in order to avoid a deadlock
    $return_value = proc_close($process);

    echo "command returned $return_value\n";

Результатом выполнения данного примера будет что-то подобное:

Array ( [some_option] => aeiou [PWD] => /tmp [SHLVL] => 1 [_] => /usr/local/bin/php ) command returned 0

Пример 2. ptys usage

// Create a pseudo terminal for the child process
$descriptorspec = array(
   0 => array("pty"),
   1 => array("pty"),
   2 => array("pty")
$process = proc_open("cvs -d:pserver:cvsread@cvs.php.net:/repository login", $descriptorspec, $pipes);
if (is_resource($process)) {
   // work with it here


Замечание: Windows compatibility: Descriptors beyond 2 (stderr) are made available to the child process as inheritable handles, but since the Windows architecture does not associate file descriptor numbers with low-level handles, the child process does not (yet) have a means of accessing those handles. Stdin, stdout and stderr work as expected.

Замечание: If you only need a uni-directional (one-way) process pipe, use popen() instead, as it is much easier to use.

Смотрите также: popen(), exec(), system(), passthru(), stream_select()The backtick operator.

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