(PHP 4, PHP 5)

odbc_autocommit — Toggle autocommit behaviour


mixed odbc_autocommit ( resource $connection_id [, bool $OnOff = false ] )

Toggles autocommit behaviour.

By default, auto-commit is on for a connection. Disabling auto-commit is equivalent with starting a transaction.

Список параметров

connection_id -

Идентификатор соединения ODBC, за подробностями обращайтесь к odbc_connect().

OnOff -

If OnOff is TRUE, auto-commit is enabled, if it is FALSE auto-commit is disabled.

Возвращаемые значения

Without the OnOff parameter, this function returns auto-commit status for connection_id. Non-zero is returned if auto-commit is on, 0 if it is off, or FALSE if an error occurs.

If OnOff is set, this function returns TRUE on success and FALSE on failure.

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