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(PECL mysqlnd_ms >= 1.1.0)

mysqlnd_ms_get_last_used_connection — Returns an array which describes the last used connection


array mysqlnd_ms_get_last_used_connection ( mixed $connection )

Returns an array which describes the last used connection from the plugins connection pool currently pointed to by the user connection handle. If using the plugin, a user connection handle represents a pool of database connections. It is not possible to tell from the user connection handles properties to which database server from the pool the user connection handle points.

The function can be used to debug or monitor PECL mysqlnd_ms.

Список параметров

connection - A MySQL connection handle obtained from any of the connect functions of the mysqli, mysql or PDO_MYSQL extensions.

Возвращаемые значения

FALSE on error. Otherwise, an array which describes the connection used to execute the last statement on.

Array which describes the connection.

Property Description Version
scheme Connection scheme. Either tcp://host:port or unix://host:socket. If you want to distinguish connections from each other use a combination of scheme and thread_id as a unique key. Neither scheme nor thread_id alone are sufficient to distinguish two connections from each other. Two servers may assign the same thread_id to two different connections. Thus, connections in the pool may have the same thread_id. Also, do not rely on uniqueness of scheme in a pool. Your QA engineers may use the same MySQL server instance for two distinct logical roles and add it multiple times to the pool. This hack is used, for example, in the test suite. Since 1.1.0.
host Database server host used with the connection. The host is only set with TCP/IP connections. It is empty with Unix domain or Windows named pipe connections, Since 1.1.0.
host_info A character string representing the server hostname and the connection type. Since 1.1.2.
port Database server port used with the connection. Since 1.1.0.
socket_or_pipe Unix domain socket or Windows named pipe used with the connection. The value is empty for TCP/IP connections. Since 1.1.2.
thread_id Connection thread id. Since 1.1.0.
last_message Info message obtained from the MySQL C API function mysql_info(). Please, see mysqli_info() for a description. Since 1.1.0.
errno Error code. Since 1.1.0.
error Error message. Since 1.1.0.
sqlstate Error SQLstate code. Since 1.1.0.



mysqlnd_ms_get_last_used_connection() requires PHP >= 5.4.0 and PECL mysqlnd_ms >> 1.1.0. Internally, it is using a mysqlnd library C call not available with PHP 5.3.


The example assumes that myapp refers to a plugin configuration file section and represents a connection pool.

Пример #1 mysqlnd_ms_get_last_used_connection() example

$link = new mysqli("myapp", "user", "password", "database");
$res = $link->query("SELECT 1 FROM DUAL");

Результат выполнения данного примера:

array(10) {
string(22) "unix:///tmp/mysql.sock"
string(25) "Localhost via UNIX socket"
string(0) ""
string(15) "/tmp/mysql.sock"
string(0) ""
string(0) ""
string(5) "00000"

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