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(PECL mqseries >= 0.10.0)

mqseries_cmit — MQSeries MQCMIT


void mqseries_cmit ( resource $hconn , resource &$compCode , resource &$reason )

The mqseries_cmit() (MQCMIT) call indicates to the queue manager that the application has reached a syncpoint, and that all of the message gets and puts that have occurred since the last syncpoint are to be made permanent. Messages put as part of a unit of work are made available to other applications; messages retrieved as part of a unit of work are deleted.

Список параметров

hConn -

Connection handle.

This handle represents the connection to the queue manager.

compCode -

Completion code.

reason -

Reason code qualifying the compCode.

Возвращаемые значения

Эта функция не возвращает значения после выполнения.


Пример #1 mqseries_cmit() example
    mqseries_cmit($conn, $comp_code, $reason);
    if ($comp_code !== MQSERIES_MQCC_OK) {
        printf("cmit CompCode:%d Reason:%d Text:%s<br />\n", $comp_code, $reason, mqseries_strerror($reason));



mqseries_back() will not function when using MQSeries Client to connect to a Queueu Manager.

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