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The MongoDate class

(Информация о версии неизвестна, возможно, только в SVN)


Represent date objects for the database. This class should be used to save dates to the database and to query for dates. For example:

// save a date to the database
$collection->save(array("ts" => new MongoDate()));
$start = new MongoDate(strtotime("2010-01-15 00:00:00"));
$end = new MongoDate(strtotime("2010-01-30 00:00:00"));
// find dates between 1/15/2010 and 1/30/2010
$collection->find(array("ts" => array('$gt' => $start, '$lte' => $end)));

MongoDB stores dates as milliseconds past the epoch. This means that dates do not contain timezone information. Timezones must be stored in a separate field if needed. Second, this means that any precision beyond milliseconds will be lost when the document is sent to/from the database.

Обзор классов

MongoDate {
/* Fields */
public int $MongoDate->sec ;
public int $usec ;
/* Методы */
MongoDate::__construct ([ int $sec = time() [, int $usec = 0 ]] )
public string MongoDate::__toString ( void )


Описание класса mongodate, примеры использования класса mongodate.

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