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(PECL mongo >=0.9.0)

MongoCollection::batchInsert — Inserts multiple documents into this collection


public mixed MongoCollection::batchInsert ( array $a [, array $options = array() ] )

Список параметров

a -

An array of arrays.

options -

Options for the inserts.

  • "safe"

    Can be a boolean or integer, defaults to FALSE. If FALSE, the program continues executing without waiting for a database response. If TRUE, the program will wait for the database response and throw a MongoCursorException if the insert did not succeed.

    If safe is an integer, will replicate the insert to that many machines before returning success (or throw an exception if the replication times out, see wtimeout). This overrides the w variable set on the collection.

  • "fsync"

    Boolean, defaults to FALSE. Forces the insert to be synced to disk before returning success. If TRUE, a safe insert is implied and will override setting safe to FALSE.

Возвращаемые значения

If "safe" is set, returns an associative array with the status of the inserts ("ok") and any error that may have occured ("err"). Otherwise, returns TRUE if the batch insert was successfully sent, FALSE otherwise.


Throws MongoCursorException if the "safe" option is set and the insert fails.

Throws MongoCursorTimeoutException if the "safe" option is set to a value greater than one and the database cannot replicate the operation in MongoCollection::$wtimeout milliseconds.

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