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(PHP 4 >= 4.3.2, PHP 5)

memory_get_usage - Returns the amount of memory allocated to PHP


int memory_get_usage ( void )

Returns the amount of memory, in bytes, that's currently being allocated to your PHP script.

memory_get_usage() will only be defined if your PHP is compiled with the --enable-memory-limit configuration option.

Пример 1. A memory_get_usage() example
// This is only an example, the numbers below will 
// differ depending on your system

echo memory_get_usage() . "\n"; // 36640

$a = str_repeat("Hello", 4242);

echo memory_get_usage() . "\n"; // 57960


echo memory_get_usage() . "\n"; // 36744

Смотрите также memory_get_peak_usage() and memory_limit.

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