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(PHP 5.5.0, PECL >= 3.0.0a1)

IntlCalendar::setLenient — Set whether date/time interpretation is to be lenient


public ReturnType IntlCalendar::setLenient ( string $isLenient )

Defines whether the calendar is ‘lenient mode’. In such a mode, some of out-of-bounds values for some fields are accepted, the behavior being similar to that of IntlCalendar::add() (i.e., the value wraps around, carrying into more significant fields each time). If the lenient mode is off, then such values will generate an error.

Список параметров

isLenient -

Use TRUE to activate the lenient mode; FALSE otherwise.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns TRUE on success. Failure can only happen due to invalid parameters.


Смотрите также

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