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(PHP 5.5.0, PECL >= 3.0.0a1)

IntlCalendar::createInstance — Create a new IntlCalendar


public static IntlCalendar IntlCalendar::createInstance ([ mixed $timeZone = NULL [, string $locale = NULL ]] )

Given a timezone and locale, this method creates an IntlCalendar object. This factory method may return a subclass of IntlCalendar.

The calendar created will represent the time instance at which it was created, based on the system time. The fields can all be cleared by calling IntCalendar::clear() with no arguments. See also IntlGregorianCalendar::__construct().

Список параметров

timeZone -

The timezone to use.

  • NULL, in which case the default timezone will be used, as specified in the ini setting date.timezone or through the function date_default_timezone_set() and as returned by date_default_timezone_get().
  • An IntlTimeZone, which will be used directly.
  • A DateTimeZone. Its identifier will be extracted and an ICU timezone object will be created; the timezone will be backed by ICUs database, not PHPs.
  • A string, which should be a valid ICU timezone identifier. See IntlTimeZone::createTimeZoneIDEnumeration(). Raw offsets such as "GMT+08:30" are also accepted.

locale -

A locale to use or NULL to use the default locale.

Возвращаемые значения

The created IntlCalendar instance or NULL on failure.


Пример #1 IntlCalendar::createInstance()

ini_set('intl.default_locale', 'es_ES');
ini_set('date.timezone', 'Europe/Madrid');
$cal = IntlCalendar::createInstance();
echo "No arguments\n";
        IntlDateFormatter::formatObject($cal, IntlDateFormatter::FULL));
echo "\n";
echo "Explicit timezone\n";
$cal = IntlCalendar::createInstance(IntlTimeZone::getGMT());
        IntlDateFormatter::formatObject($cal, IntlDateFormatter::FULL));
echo "\n";
echo "Explicit locale (with calendar)\n";
$cal = IntlCalendar::createInstance(NULL, 'es_ES@calendar=persian');
        IntlDateFormatter::formatObject($cal, IntlDateFormatter::FULL));

Результат выполнения данного примера:

No arguments
string(21) "IntlGregorianCalendar"
string(68) "martes 18 de junio de 2013 14:11:02 Hora de verano de Europa Central"

Explicit timezone
string(21) "IntlGregorianCalendar"
string(45) "martes 18 de junio de 2013 12:11:02 GMT+00:00"

Explicit locale (with calendar)
string(12) "IntlCalendar"
string(70) "martes 28 de Khordad de 1392 14:11:02 Hora de verano de Europa Central"

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  • IntlGregorianCalendar::__construct()

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