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(PECL ingres >= 1.4.0)

ingres_fetch_proc_return — Get the return value from a procedure call


int ingres_fetch_proc_return ( resource $result )

This function is used to retrieve the return value following the execution of an Ingres database procedure (stored procedure).


If used with a row-producing procedure, this function should be called after all the rows from the procedure have been fetched using ingres_fetch_array(), ingres_fetch_object() or ingres_fetch_row(). This function will eliminate any rows yet to be fetched should there be any left over.

Список параметров

result -

The result identifier for a query

Возвращаемые значения

Returns an integer if there is a return value otherwise it will return NULL.


Пример #1 Get the return value from a procedure call
$link = ingres_connect($database);
if ( ingres_errno() != 0 ) {
    $error_text = ingres_error();
$result = ingres_query($link, "execute procedure php_proc (value = 1000)");
if ( ingres_errno() != 0 ) {
    $error_text = ingres_error();
echo "return value - " . ingres_fetch_proc_return($result) . "\n";

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