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Предопределенные константы

Перечисленные ниже константы всегда доступны как часть ядра PHP.

Pre-defined phpcredits() constants
Constant Value Description
CREDITS_GROUP1A list of the core developers
CREDITS_GENERAL2 General credits: Language design and concept, PHP authors and SAPI module.
CREDITS_SAPI4 A list of the server API modules for PHP, and their authors.
CREDITS_MODULES8 A list of the extension modules for PHP, and their authors.
CREDITS_DOCS16 The credits for the documentation team.
CREDITS_FULLPAGE32 Usually used in combination with the other flags. Indicates that a complete stand-alone HTML page needs to be printed including the information indicated by the other flags.
CREDITS_QA64 The credits for the quality assurance team.
CREDITS_ALL-1 All the credits, equivalent to using: CREDITS_DOCS + CREDITS_GENERAL + CREDITS_GROUP + CREDITS_MODULES + CREDITS_QA CREDITS_FULLPAGE. It generates a complete stand-alone HTML page with the appropriate tags. This is the default value.
phpinfo() constants
Constant Value Description
INFO_GENERAL1 The configuration line, php.ini location, build date, Web Server, System and more.
INFO_CREDITS2 PHP Credits. See also phpcredits().
INFO_CONFIGURATION4 Current Local and Master values for PHP directives. See also ini_get().
INFO_MODULES8 Loaded modules and their respective settings.
INFO_ENVIRONMENT16 Environment Variable information that's also available in $_ENV.
INFO_VARIABLES32 Shows all predefined variables from EGPCS (Environment, GET, POST, Cookie, Server).
INFO_LICENSE64 PHP License information. See also the » license faq.
INFO_ALL-1 Shows all of the above. This is the default value.

Assert constants, these values are used to set the assertion options in assert_options().

assert() constants
Constant INI Setting Description
ASSERT_ACTIVEassert.active Enable assert() evaluation.
ASSERT_CALLBACKassert.callback Callback to call on failed assertions.
ASSERT_BAILassert.bail Terminate execution on failed assertions.
ASSERT_WARNINGassert.warning Issues a PHP warning for each failed assertion
ASSERT_QUITE_EVALassert.quiet_eval Disable error_reporting during assertion expression evaluation.

The following constants are only available if the host operating system is Windows, and can tell different versioning information so its possible to detect various features and make use of them. They are all available as of PHP 5.3.0.

Windows specific constants
Constant Description
PHP_WINDOWS_VERSION_MAJOR The major version of Windows, this can be either 4 (NT4/Me/98/95), 5 (XP/2003 R2/2003/2000) or 6 (Vista/2008).
PHP_WINDOWS_VERSION_MINOR The minor version of Windows, this can be either 0 (Vista/2008/2000/NT4/95), 1 (XP), 2 (2003 R2/2003/XP x64), 10 (98) or 90 (ME).
PHP_WINDOWS_VERSION_BUILDThe Windows build number (for example, Windows Vista with SP1 applied is build 6001)
PHP_WINDOWS_VERSION_PLATFORM The platform that PHP currently is running on, this value is 2 on Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT4, Server 2008/2003 and on Windows ME/98/95 this value is 1.
PHP_WINDOWS_VERSION_SP_MAJOR The major version of the service pack installed, this value is 0 if no service pack is installed. For example, Windows XP with service pack 3 installed will make this value 3.
PHP_WINDOWS_VERSION_SP_MINOR The minor version of the service pack installed, this value is 0 if no service pack is installed.
PHP_WINDOWS_VERSION_SUITEMASK The suitemask is a bitmask that can tell if various features of Windows is installed, see the table below for possible bitfield values.
PHP_WINDOWS_VERSION_PRODUCTTYPE This contains the value used to determine the PHP_WINDOWS_NT_* constants. This value may be one of the PHP_WINDOWS_NT_* constants indicating the platform type.
PHP_WINDOWS_NT_DOMAIN_CONTROLLERThis is a domain controller
PHP_WINDOWS_NT_SERVER This is a server system (eg. Server 2008/2003/2000), note that if this is a domain controller its reported as PHP_WINDOWS_NT_DOMAIN_CONTROLLER.
PHP_WINDOWS_NT_WORKSTATIONThis is a workstation system (eg. Vista/XP/2000/NT4)

This table shows a list of features that can be checked for using the PHP_WINDOWS_VERSION_SUITEMASK bitmask.

Windows suitemask bitfields
Bits Description
0x00000004Microsoft BackOffice components are installed.
0x00000400Windows Server 2003, Web Edition is installed.
0x00004000Windows Server 2003, Compute Cluster Edition is installed.
0x00000080 Windows Server 2008 Datacenter, Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition or Windows 2000 Datacenter Server is installed.
0x00000002 Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition, Windows 2000 Advanced Server, or Windows NT Server 4.0 Enterprise Edition is installed.
0x00000040Windows XP Embedded is installed.
0x00000200 Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Home Basic, or Windows XP Home Edition is installed.
0x00000100 Remote Desktop is supported, but only one interactive session is supported. This value is set unless the system is running in application server mode.
0x00000001 Microsoft Small Business Server was once installed on the system, but may have been upgraded to another version of Windows.
0x00000020 Microsoft Small Business Server is installed with the restrictive client license in force.
0x00002000Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 or Windows Storage Server 2003 is installed.
0x00000010 Terminal Services is installed. This value is always set. If this value is set but 0x00000100 is not set, then the system is running in application server mode.
0x00008000Windows Home Server is installed.

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