(PECL pecl_http >= 0.22.0)

HttpQueryString::get — Get (part of) query string


public mixed HttpQueryString::get ([ string $key [, mixed $type = 0 [, mixed $defval = NULL [, bool $delete = false ]]]] )

Get (part of) the query string.

The type parameter is either one of the HttpQueryString::TYPE_* constants or a type abbreviation like "b" for bool, "i" for int, "f" for float, "s" for string, "a" for array and "o" for a stdClass object.

Список параметров

key -

key of the query string param to retrieve

type -

which variable type to enforce

defval -

default value if key does not exist

delete -

whether to remove the key/value pair from the query string

Возвращаемые значения

Returns the value of the query string param or the whole query string if no key was specified on success or defval if key does not exist.

Описание класса httpquerystring, примеры использования класса httpquerystring.

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