http_get - Perform GET request


string http_get ( [string url [, array options [, array &info]]] )

Performs an HTTP GET request on the supplied url.

The second parameter, if set, is expected to be an associative array where the following options will be recognized:

Таблица 1. HTTP request options

NameTypeDescriptionredirectintwhether and how many redirects to followunrestrictedauthboolwhether to continue sending credentials on redirects to a different hostproxyhoststringproxy host in "host[:port]" formatproxyportintuse another proxy port as specified in proxyhostproxytypeintHTTP_PROXY_HTTP, HTTP_PROXY_SOCKS4 or HTTP_PROXY_SOCKS5proxyauthstringproxy credentials in "user:pass" formatproxyauthtypeintHTTP_AUTH_BASIC and/or HTTP_AUTH_NTLMhttpauthstringhttp credentials in "user:pass" formathttpauthtypeintHTTP_AUTH_BASIC, HTTP_AUTH_DIGEST and/or HTTP_AUTH_NTLMcompressboolwhether to allow gzip/deflate content encodingportintuse another port as specified in the urlrefererstringthe referer to senduseragentstringthe user agent to send (defaults to PECL::HTTP/version (PHP/version))headersarraylist of custom headers as associative array like array("header" => "value")cookiesarraylist of cookies as associative array like array("cookie" => "value")encodecookiesboolwhether to urlencode the cookies (default: true)cookiestorestringpath to a file where cookies are/will be storedcookiesessionbooldon't load session cookies from cookiestore if TRUEresumeintbyte offset to start the download from; if the server supports rangesrangearrayarray of arrays, each containing two integers, specifying the ranges to download if server support is given; only recognized if the resume option is emptymaxfilesizeintmaximum file size that should be downloaded; has no effect, if the size of the requested entity islastmodifiedinttimestamp for If-(Un)Modified-Since headeretagstringquoted etag for If-(None-)Match headertimeoutintseconds the request may takeconnecttimeoutintseconds the connect may takeonprogressmixedprogress callbackinterfacestringoutgoing network interface (ifname, ip or hostname)portrangearray2 integers specifying outgoing portrange to trysslarray

Таблица 2. with the following options:

NameTypeDescriptioncertstringpath to certificatecerttypestringtype of certificatecertpasswdstringpassword for certificatekeystringpath to keykeytypestringtype of keykeypasswdstringpasword for keyenginestringssl engine to useversionintssl version to useverifypeerboolwhether to verify the peerverifyhostboolwhether to verify the hostcipher_liststringlist of allowed cipherscainfostring capathstring random_filestring egdsocketstring 

Список параметров




HTTP request options


Will be filled with request/response information

array ( 'effective_url' => '', 'response_code' => 302, 'connect_code' => 0, 'filetime' => -1, 'total_time' => 0.212348, 'namelookup_time' => 0.038296, 'connect_time' => 0.104144, 'pretransfer_time' => 0.104307, 'starttransfer_time' => 0.212077, 'redirect_time' => 0, 'redirect_count' => 0, 'size_upload' => 0, 'size_download' => 218, 'speed_download' => 1026, 'speed_upload' => 0, 'header_size' => 307, 'request_size' => 103, 'ssl_verifyresult' => 0, 'ssl_engines' => array ( 0 => 'dynamic', 1 => 'cswift', 2 => 'chil', 3 => 'atalla', 4 => 'nuron', 5 => 'ubsec', 6 => 'aep', 7 => 'sureware', 8 => '4758cca', ), 'content_length_download' => 218, 'content_length_upload' => 0, 'content_type' => 'text/html', 'httpauth_avail' => 0, 'proxyauth_avail' => 0, 'num_connects' => 1, 'os_errno' => 0, 'error' => '', )

Возвращаемые значения

Returns the HTTP response(s) as string on success, or FALSE on failure.

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