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Options usable with the HttpRequest class and request functions

Options related to time outs

timeout (integer) - seconds the whole request may take to complete

connecttimeout (integer) - seconds the connect, including name resolving, may take

dns_cache_timeout (integer) - seconds after an dns cache entry times out

Options related to urls

url (string) - the request url

port (integer) - use another port as specified in the url

redirect (integer) - whether and how many redirects to follow; defaults to 0

unrestrictedauth (bool) - whether to continue sending credentials on redirects to a different host

referer (string) - the referring url to send

Options related to cookies

encodecookies (bool) - whether custom cookies should be urlencode()d prior sending

cookies (array) - list of cookies as associative array like array("cookie" => "value")

cookiestore (string) - path to a file where cookies are/will be stored

cookiesession (bool) - don't load session cookies from cookiestore if TRUE

Options related to headers

useragent (string) - the user agent to send; defaults to PECL::HTTP/x.y.z (PHP/x.y.z); omitted if explicitly set to an empty string

lastmodified (int) - timestamp for If-(Un)Modified-Since header

etag (string) - quoted etag for If-(None-)Match header

headers (array) - list of custom headers as associative array like array("header" => "value")

Options related to authentication

httpauth (string) - http credentials in "user:pass" format

httpauthtype (int) - HTTP authentication type constant

(array) -

Options related to proxies

proxyhost (string) - proxy host in "host[:port]" format

proxyport (int) - use another proxy port as specified in proxyhost

proxytype (int) - HTTP proxy type constant

proxyauth (string) - proxy credentials in "user:pass" format

proxyauthtype (int) - HTTP authentication type constant

Options related to the transfer

compress (bool) - whether to request and accept a gzip/deflate content encoded response

resume (int) - start the download at the specified byte offset if server support is given (indicated by a 206 response code)

range (array) - array of arrays, each containing two integers, specifying the ranges to download if server support is given (indicated by a 206 response code); only recognized if the resume option is empty

Options imposing limits

maxfilesize (integer) - maximum file size that should be downloaded; has no effect, if the size of the requested entity is unknown (eg. dynamic pages with chunked transfer encoding etc.)

low_speed_limit (int) - the lowest transfer speed a successful request may have

low_speed_time (int) - the time in which low_speed_limit must be transferred for a successful request

max_send_speed (int) - maximum send speed in bytes per second

max_recv_speed (int) - maximum receive speed in bytes per second

Callback options

onprogress (callback) - progress callback

Network options

interface (string) - outgoing network interface (ifname, ip or hostname)

portrange (array) - 2 integers specifying outgoing portrange to try

SSL options

ssl (array) -

Замечание: SSL options are set through an array with the single "ssl" request option name.

cert (string) - path to certificate

certtype (string) - type of certificate

certpasswd (string) - password for certificate

key (string) - path to key

keytype (string) - type of key

keypasswd (string) - password for key

engine (string) - ssl engine to use

version (int) - ssl version to use

verifypeer (bool) - whether to verify the peer

verifyhost (bool) - whether to verify the host

cipher_list (string) - list of allowed ciphers

cainfo (string) -

capath (string) -

random_file (string) -

egdsocket (string) -

Описание класса http, примеры использования класса http.

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