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(PECL libevent >= 0.0.1)

event_buffer_new — Create new buffered event


resource event_buffer_new ( resource $stream , mixed $readcb , mixed $writecb , mixed $errorcb [, mixed $arg ] )

Libevent provides an abstraction layer on top of the regular event API. Using buffered event you don't need to deal with the I/O manually, instead it provides input and output buffers that get filled and drained automatically.

Список параметров

stream -

Valid PHP stream resource. Must be castable to file descriptor.

readcb -

Callback to invoke where there is data to read, or NULL if no callback is desired.

writecb -

Callback to invoke where the descriptor is ready for writing, or NULL if no callback is desired.

errorcb -

Callback to invoke where there is an error on the descriptor, cannot be NULL.

arg -

An argument that will be passed to each of the callbacks (optional).

Возвращаемые значения

event_buffer_new() returns new buffered event resource on success or FALSE on error.

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