(PECL ev >= 0.2.0)

EvEmbed::__construct — Constructs the EvEmbed object


public EvEmbed::__construct ( object $other [, callable $callback [, mixed $data [, int $priority ]]] )

This is a rather advanced watcher type that lets to embed one event loop into another(currently only IO events are supported in the embedded loop, other types of watchers might be handled in a delayed or incorrect fashion and must not be used).

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» the libev documentation for details.

This watcher is most useful on BSD systems without working kqueue to still be able to handle a large number of sockets. See example below.

Список параметров

other - Instance of EvLoop . The loop to embed, this loop must be embeddable(see Ev::embeddableBackends() ).

callback - See Watcher callbacks .

data - Custom data associated with the watcher.

priority - Watcher priority

Возвращаемые значения

Returns EvEmbed object on success.


Пример #1 Embedding loop created with kqueue backend into the default loop

 * Check if kqueue is available but not recommended and create a kqueue backend
 * for use with sockets (which usually work with any kqueue implementation).
 * Store the kqueue/socket-only event loop in loop_socket. (One might optionally
 * use EVFLAG_NOENV, too)
 * Example borrowed from
 * http://pod.tst.eu/http://cvs.schmorp.de/libev/ev.pod#Examples_CONTENT-9
$loop        = EvLoop::defaultLoop();
$socket_loop = NULL;
$embed       = NULL;
if (Ev::supportedBackends() & ~Ev::recommendedBackends() & Ev::BACKEND_KQUEUE) {
    if (($socket_loop = new EvLoop(Ev::BACKEND_KQUEUE))) {
        $embed = new EvEmbed($loop);
if (!$socket_loop) {
    $socket_loop = $loop;
// Now use $socket_loop for all sockets, and $loop for anything else

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