(PECL ibm_db2 >= 1.0.0)

db2_primary_keys — Returns a result set listing primary keys for a table


resource db2_primary_keys ( resource $connection , string $qualifier , string $schema , string $table-name )

Returns a result set listing the primary keys for a table.

Список параметров

connection -

A valid connection to an IBM DB2, Cloudscape, or Apache Derby database.

qualifier -

A qualifier for DB2 databases running on OS/390 or z/OS servers. For other databases, pass NULL or an empty string.

schema -

The schema which contains the tables. If schema is NULL, db2_primary_keys() matches the schema for the current connection.

table-name -

The name of the table.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns a statement resource with a result set containing rows describing the primary keys for the specified table. The result set is composed of the following columns:

Column name Description
TABLE_CAT Name of the catalog for the table containing the primary key. The value is NULL if this table does not have catalogs.
TABLE_SCHEM Name of the schema for the table containing the primary key.
TABLE_NAMEName of the table containing the primary key.
COLUMN_NAMEName of the column containing the primary key.
KEY_SEQ1-indexed position of the column in the key.
PK_NAMEThe name of the primary key.

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