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(PECL CUBRID >= 8.3.0)

cubrid_get — Get a column using OID


mixed cubrid_get ( resource $conn_identifier , string $oid [, mixed $attr ] )

The cubrid_get() function is used to get the attribute of the instance of the given oid. You can get single attribute by using string data type for the attr argument, or many attributes by using array data type for the attr argument.

Список параметров

conn_identifier -

Connection identifier.

oid -

OID of the instance that you want to read.

attr -

Name of the attribute that you want to read.

Возвращаемые значения

Content of the requested attribute, when process is successful; When attr is set with string data type, the result is returned as a string; when attr is set with array data type (0-based numerical array), then the result is returned in associative array. When attr is omitted, then all attributes are received in array form.

FALSE when process is unsuccessful or result is NULL (If error occurs to distinguish empty string from NULL, then it prints the warning message. You can check the error by using cubrid_error_code())


Пример #1 cubrid_get() example
$conn = cubrid_connect("localhost", 33000, "demodb");
@cubrid_execute($conn, "DROP TABLE foo");
cubrid_execute($conn, "CREATE TABLE foo(a int AUTO_INCREMENT, b set(int), c list(int), d char(10))");
cubrid_execute($conn, "INSERT INTO foo(a, b, c, d) VALUES(1, {1,2,3}, {11,22,33,333}, 'a')");
cubrid_execute($conn, "INSERT INTO foo(a, b, c, d) VALUES(2, {4,5,7}, {44,55,66,666}, 'b')");
$req = cubrid_execute($conn, "SELECT * FROM foo", CUBRID_INCLUDE_OID);
cubrid_move_cursor($req, 1, CUBRID_CURSOR_FIRST);
$oid = cubrid_current_oid($req);
$attr = cubrid_get($conn, $oid, "b");
$attr = cubrid_get($conn, $oid);

Результат выполнения данного примера:

string(9) "{1, 2, 3}"
array(4) {
string(1) "1"
array(3) {
string(1) "1"
string(1) "2"
string(1) "3"
array(4) {
string(2) "11"
string(2) "22"
string(2) "33"
string(3) "333"
string(10) "a "

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