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(PECL CUBRID >= 8.3.0)

cubrid_fetch_object — Fetche the next row and returns it as an object


object cubrid_fetch_object ( resource $result [, string $class_name [, array $params ]] )

This function returns an object with the column names of the result set as properties. The values of these properties are extracted from the current row of the result.

Список параметров

result -

result comes from a call to cubrid_execute()

class_name -

The name of the class to instantiate. If not specified, a stdClass (stdClass is PHP's generic empty class that's used when casting other types to objects) object is returned.

params -

An optional array of parameters to pass to the constructor for class_name objects.

Возвращаемые значения

An object, when process is successful.

FALSE on failure.


Пример #1 cubrid_fetch_object() example
$conn = cubrid_connect("localhost", 33000, "demodb");
$res = cubrid_execute($conn, "SELECT * FROM code");
class demodb_code {
    public $s_name = null;
    public $f_name = null;
    public function toString() {
var_dump(cubrid_fetch_object($res, "demodb_code"));
class demodb_code_construct extends demodb_code {
    public function __construct($s, $f) {
        $this->s_name = $s; 
        $this->f_name = $f; 
var_dump(cubrid_fetch_object($res, 'demodb_code_construct', array('s_name', 'f_name')));

Результат выполнения данного примера:

object(stdClass)#1 (2) {
string(1) "X"
string(5) "Mixed"
object(demodb_code)#1 (2) {
string(1) "W"
string(5) "Woman"
object(demodb_code_construct)#1 (2) {
string(6) "s_name"
string(6) "f_name"
object(stdClass)#1 (2) {
string(1) "B"
string(6) "Bronze"

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