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(PECL CUBRID >=8.3.0)

cubrid_fetch_array — Fetch a result row as an associative array, a numeric array, or both


array cubrid_fetch_array ( resource $result [, int $type = CUBRID_BOTH ] )

The cubrid_fetch_array() function is used to get a single row from the query result and returns an array. The cursor automatically moves to the next row after getting the result.

Список параметров

result -

Result comes from a call to cubrid_execute()

type -

Array type of the fetched result CUBRID_NUM, CUBRID_ASSOC, CUBRID_BOTH.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns an array of strings that corresponds to the fetched row, when process is successful.

FALSE, when process is unsuccessful.

The type of returned array depends on how type is defined. By using CUBRID_BOTH (default), you'll get an array with both associative and number indices, and you can decide which data type to use by setting the type argument. The type variable can be set to one of the following values:

  • CUBRID_NUM : Numerical array (0-based)
  • CUBRID_ASSOC : Associative array
  • CUBRID_BOTH : Numerical & Associative array (default)


Пример #1 cubrid_fetch_array() example
$conn = cubrid_connect("localhost", 33000, "demodb");
$req = cubrid_execute($conn, "SELECT name,area,seats,address FROM stadium WHERE nation_code='GRE' AND seats > 10000");
printf("%-40s %-10s %-6s %-20s\n", "name", "area", "seats", "address");
while ($row = cubrid_fetch_array($req, CUBRID_NUM)) {
    printf("%-40s %-10s %-6s %-20s\n", $row[0], $row[1], $row[2], $row[3]);

Результат выполнения данного примера:

name area seats address 
Panathinaiko Stadium 86300.00 50000 Athens, Greece 
Olympic Stadium 54700.00 13000 Athens, Greece 
Olympic Indoor Hall 34100.00 18800 Athens, Greece 
Olympic Hall 52400.00 21000 Athens, Greece 
Olympic Aquatic Centre 42500.00 11500 Athens, Greece 
Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre 64000.00 15000 Markopoulo, Athens, Greece
Faliro Coastal Zone Olympic Complex 34650.00 12171 Faliro, Athens, Greece
Athens Olympic Stadium 120400.00 71030 Maroussi, Athens, Greece 
Ano Liossia 34000.00 12000 Ano Liosia, Athens, Greece

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