(PECL chdb >= 0.1.0)

chdb::__construct — Creates a chdb instance


chdb::__construct ( string $pathname )

Loads a chdb file, by mapping it into memory.


While some validity checks are performed on the specified file, they are mostly there to avoid the possibility of common mistakes (for example, loading a file which is not a chdb database, or that is somehow incompatible with the current system). A maliciously crafted chdb file can thus be dangerous if loaded, so chdb files should be trusted and treated with the same security protections used for PHP shared libraries.

Список параметров

pathname -

The name of the file to load.


Throws an exception in case the chdb file hasn't been successfully loaded.


A valid chdb file might fail to load in case it was created on an architecture with a different endianness, with a different version of chdb, or if the file is too big to be mapped into memory (mostly in case of huge files and 32-bit architectures). In these cases the load will fail by throwing an exception, but otherwise not performing any illegal operation.

Описание класса chdb, примеры использования класса chdb.

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