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The CairoFontType class

(Информация о версии неизвестна, возможно, только в SVN)


CairoFontType class is an abstract final class that contains constants used to describe the type of a given CairoFontFace or CairoScaledFont. The font types are also known as "font backends" within cairo.

The type of a CairoFontFace is determined by the how it is created, an example would be the CairoToyFontFace::__construct(). The CairoFontFace type can be queried with CairoFontFace::getType() or cairo_font_face_get_type()

The various CairoFontFace functions can be used with a font face of any type.

The type of a CairoScaledFont is determined by the type of the CairoFontFace passed to CairoScaledFont::__construct() or cairo_scaled_font_create(). The scaled font type can be queried with CairoScaledFont::getType() or cairo_scaled_font_get_type().

Обзор классов

CairoFontType {
/* Константы */
const integer TOY = 0 ;
const integer FT = 1 ;
const integer WIN32 = 2 ;
const integer QUARTZ = 3 ;

Предопределенные константы

CairoFontType Node Types

CairoFontType::TOY -

The font was created using CairoToyFont api

CairoFontType::FT -

The font is of type CairoFreeType

CairoFontType::WIN32 -

The font is of type Win32

CairoFontType::QUARTZ -

The font is of type Quartz

CairoFontType::USER -

The font was create using cairo's user font api

Описание класса cairofonttype, примеры использования класса cairofonttype.

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